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The answer: none. Disappointed? You shouldn’t.It’s a pretty subjective topic in fact, because the best car accident lawyer nyc is the one who can deal the best with your case. So, as you can see right here, the best lawyer differs from case to case and from people to people. But as a general rule, we are going to define the aspects and traits you have to look for in the lawyer who’s about to defend your interests and get for you the claim you deserve.

The Features:

Principally, if I were you, I’d like to work with a car accident lawyer nyc who has already worked in several cases just like yours. This is important, because experience will set an important advantage, which is likely to define the final results in your claim. So remember it our dear reader: experience matters, and a lot!

Experience alone is not enough of course, you need someone with experience… but winning! You need someone with prove efficacy, so you just need to ask about their record and what’s even more effective: search for Car_crash_1their efficacy online, which can be expressed in feedback posted online by past clients.

And finally, it’s a lot better to work with a team who is part of a big team of lawyers, a professional firm. Why is this relevant? Because if the lawyer belongs to a reputable firm, then the odds of picking a good lawyer are quite higher.


These are the features you should look for in a lawyer who’s about to attend your case. Of course, you need to ask more specific questions if you want to get the best possible option for your case, but that’s your work, so take it seriously.

Although boots are a great tool but they can be tiresome sometimes. Let’s look at the steel toe boots, they might be fantastic in protecting the feet but they are not suitable for long walks because of their weight. The steel in the toe box limits the wearer to a couple of short miles. He cannot wear them and be comfortable for long. After a few hours, his feet will start aching from lugging around that weight and if he still pushed on, his muscles will start cramping which will make him inefficient and obviously in pain. Carrying heavy objects around is not that bad but having extra load on your feet is very strenuous and costs a lot in terms of energy and strength.

Even though work boots are made from leather but the sole of it is usually made from hard leather. Now imagine carrying weight around to a long distance? One word pops into mind, blisters. First, your feet will start paining really badly then because of the continuous friction between the rough leather and skin, blisters will appear. This makes work much hectic.

Boots do not give toes much room to breathe or move. The toes in the toe box don’t move much which in turn causes bunions which is very painful.wet_weather_leather_boots_715x510

Boots take fairly long time to break in. Their sturdiness does not leave easily and it is a long process of obtaining blisters and getting leg cramps before they get a wee bit comfortable.

If the boots do get wet somehow, it takes time to dry them out. Most workers tend not to clean their best work boots which is very unhygienic. The sweat and dust gathers inside and remains there. If at this time, the skin gets punctured, an infection can take place.

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Do you need to buy a high speed camera for photographing fast moving objects? If yes, then here are few best high speed cameras available in the market and you can get the best one for yourself;

  1. Casio Exilim EX-FH25 High Speed:

This camera in known for its speed and its high and outstanding quality. It features includes a high speed serial picture recording which can take 30 pictures per second at 9 megapixels, and it also has high speed film recording that can record up to 1000 pictures per second, now tell me how amazing is that? It has CMOS sensor for pictures who has an exposure at almost 10 mega pixels. And not only that, it also has a 26 mm lens which can zoom 20x, which is a lot and it gives you a lot of space and freedom while you are clicking a picture. So if you need a high speed camera then you can go for this one as it is the one of the best.


  1. Tiny fps1000 High Speed Camera:

This is a small and best high speed camera which can capture up to 1000 frames per second, whether the picture is big in size, it captures it all. It I available in 2 colors, silver and gold. The best thing is that it is small and you can easily carry it anywhere you want, yes it is that portable. Plus not only that, it is affordable too. There are a lot of high speed cameras out there but they are hell expensive, so if you need a portable and affordably high speed camera then this is the perfect one for you.

Marriages are made in heavens. This is an old phrase. When a couple looks for couples therapy DC, he is inquired why he entered this relation. The concept of marriage is not just coming together of two people, but it has several reasons behind it. Marriage is a commitment, a promise and a treaty signed for a long term relation. Marriage is an institution, and so it looks for some reason behind it. Although the priorities have changed the reasons for getting married, remain the same. The four fundamental reasons of getting married are as follows:

World News 6-1

  1. The man is a social animal by nature. No man can live in isolation. He looks for a company to help, to love, to share and to care. Although he may find good friends, to spend time with he looks for an ultimate relationship that he finds in his life partner. Thus, marriage is a bond to live together.
  2. Every individual wants to see his generations grow. He seeks to see the younger members of his family grow before his eyes. It is this system of growth of a family that not just transmits the physical characteristics but also the values and traditions of a family. To materialize the dream the man enters a marital contract.

Marriage is a promise. It is a devotion and dedication to a cause. Marriage is a commitment in which each member ensures that he will fulfill the needs of the good relation. It is this promise and assurance that makes life beautiful and helps to hold the weight of the responsibilities.

Love is a spiritual relationship. Anyone can fall prey to this. Once the flowers of love blossom in your hearts, it becomes necessary to make the relationship official. This formal relationship is acquired through marriage.

Babies need extra care during travelling. If they are uncomfortable on mother’s lap, they have the capacity to disturb whole family. Because the only way through which they can express their anger and discomfort is crying. Don’t ruin your journey by loud and noisy crying sound of your baby and buy a comfortable car seat for your child. A comfortable car seat will keep him in a good mood and he will cheer up the whole family.

Experts have suggested some best car seats for toddlers in car seat review 2016. If you are planning to buy a car seat for your child than pick up the one from the recommended car seats. ChiccoKeyFit 30 is designed for the child of 4-30 lbs. it has an adjustable base, unique center-pull lower LATCH anchor tightening adjustment, built-in lock offs for easy seat belt installations and a small storage.Britax-Infant-Car-Seat-Reviews

Cybex Aton Q is another recommended car seat suitable for the children of 4-35 lbs. It has single crotch buckle positon, and adjustable base with load leg. It has tensioning plate for ease of installation with either lower LATCH connectors or seat belt. It also protects the child from Ultra violet rays coming from sun.

The third recommend car seat is GracoSnugRide 35 LX Click Connect. It is suitable for the children of 4-35 lbs. It can be adjusted to 15 positions. It has an adjustable base and full sized canopy which gives protection from ultraviolet rays. Its handle can be adjusted in any locked position during travel. Car Seats UK mentioned in their comments that it is the best car seat for newborns.

Select one of these car seats for your child and have a happy travelling!!

If you need help buying a residence in Toa Payoh, then this article will be of great help for you. Even though it’s short, it contains pretty important information which is going to lead you on the right path which will eventually allow you to accomplish your goal which is buying your own residence in Toa Payoh. Of course, this is only going to happen if you are willing to invest your time and resources into it.

Trevista-Condo-common-Room-for-rent-near-Toa-Payoh-braddell-mrt_2But if you want to follow the lazy-man route, then you only need to search for gem residences. We can recommended with plenty of security and confidence, because we personally know they make an excellent work. So if you are interested in buying a beautiful residence as fast as possible without investing too much effort at all, then gem residences is your best bet to make this happen, because they have a large portfolio, along with a prepared team of real estate agents which will help you with everything you may ever need. Along with that, you will be happy to know that they provide some of the best prices in Toa Payoh, so it’s a win-win-win! Situation.

But if you want to go the hard route, then you should start by searching in Google for “Real estate companies in Toa Payoh”. With this simple search query you will get access to a complete list with the best real estate companies in this city. After that you only need to check the reviews posted online for each company, and at the end pick the company which you believe will suffice your needs the best, so that’s pretty much everything you need to do in order to buy a residence in Toa Payoh.

TLC reticulation is a reticulation that provides reticulation, bore trenching and related installation services in Perth,whether it is an installation in lawns and commercial gardens or people want to have sink a water bore to get clean water supply, TLC reticulation provides excellent support in these matters, new bore system requires expert skills in its installation, if people want to automate their already working bore system even they require the help of these experts. This Perth based company not only provides services but they have got the reputation of being extremely helpful in advising people regarding reticulation and irrigation issues, the hydration of gardens is extremely important and huge gardens are not manageable by people who are not experts at garden care and maintenance.

Damaged valves and rusted pipes needs repairing and in the bore system one cannot handle it without the help of these experts, mostly people face issues when the submersible pump gets jammed and it way too down for you to check it, sometimes people further damage the bore system trying to repair it themselves, but is advisable not to try it on your own and get the experts in to get the job right in the first try.download

Maintaining a landscape requires you to make a couple of expenditures and among these the most important expenditure could be the installation of reticulation system, people sometimes don’t understand the importance of having an operative reticulation system but it is absolutely crucial to have one if you want to keep your landscape green and healthy.

TLC reticulation is among the most renowned reticulation and bore system installation service provider in Perth, and they provide services according to the different requirements of a landscape because different landscape requires different irrigation system and only the experts have the eye to understand it.

If you are looking for best home deep fryer, we tell you the three excellent models of deep fryers that make you fall in love.

First is Presto 05442 Cool Daddy Cool Touch Deep Fryer. It is not expensive and best for cooking French fries. It is also good for cooking chicken. Apart from cooking French fries or chicken you can cook variety of other foods from a recipe book. This is the best deep fryer because it has an adjustable thermostat with the help of which you can select a desirable frying temperature. Its indicator light let you know if the oil is hot enough to use. Its locking cover prevents spattering and reduce odors.

Second model is DF280 Professional Deep Fryer. It is a bit more expensive than the first one. But it offers more benefits. It has removable 1800-watt immersion style heating element, which mean the element is actually inside the fryer. Moreover it contains one-gallon removable oil container coated with enamel and has a pouring spout. This model is perfect for cooking fish and chicken. The only problem with this fryer is that it requires a large amount of oil.Waring-Pro-DF280-Professional-Deep-Fryer

Third model is Cuisinart CDF-100 Compact 1.1 Deep Fryer. It is not more expensive neither very cheap. Its price is moderate and affordable. It is smaller in size and its basket can only hold about three fourth of a pound. Its plus point is that it heats up very quickly. It has a non-stick, die cast bowl which has an attached heating element. It is suitable for smaller size dishes such as egg rolls, jalapeno poppers and other such recipes.

Choose the one from the above three and enjoy delicious food.


This. This is one of the services which you are likely to need at least once in your life. A storage service offers you the possibility to save your items and important belongings in a safe place, making it excellent when you are moving to another house or when you are leaving Perth for a while. So it’s important to pick the best service in Perth in order to store your items, and we are going to help you with that with this article. So grab your seat and read closely, because you are going to learn quite a lot!

The first thing you need to consider is that, if you want to get good results, then you will have to invest a tad of time into this, because without dedicating at least a few hours to this little project of yours you are not going to have good results at all.self_storage_2

Now that you have finally seen that time is the thing you need, then it’s about time to start going to the point of this article. First off, you need to search in Google for storage Perth and then pick some of the options you will find there. After that you need to do a process which is called review-checking, which is simply searching for reviews for all the businesses you have picked in the first step.

Here is our recommendation: A2B Storage Perth. This business is pretty reliable and they have a lot of reputation. If you are not okay with them for some reason, then you should look for an option which is similar to them, because they have all that’s needed: a good service, security and a good pricing. That’s all you need to look for in a storage service.

Most of the people make some common mistakes while hiring removal companies. If you have any plans to move in the vicinity of Melbourne, Perth or Adelaide, we make you aware about few of the blunders that others make while shifting their homes. Be aware of usual mistakes and make a wise choice in selection of best company for removals. Here is the guideline provided by A2B Removals Group;

Before you make a call, or send an email to hire a removal company, you should have knowledge about all the implications of moving to a new residential place. You should also keep in mind all the necessary tasks that should be done before the arrival of professional teams.

Before calling a van service, go through the list you have made about the goods you need removals for. Think enough about the final sweep before making a final move. Determine exact number of boxes, furniture items, decoration pieces and numerous other objects that you want to take along with you.

Couple taking a break loading or unloading moving van with boxes and furniture

Couple taking a break loading or unloading moving van with boxes and furniture

Disorganization makes things ugly. So avoid being disorganized and organize the things in proper and accurate manner. Make sure that all your items are stored and packed carefully. Make sure that nothing should be destroyed, partially damaged or broken. Try to label all the boxes on which goods that are packed in the boxes are mention. This practice will save you from haphazard things. Think about the useless things, for instance, a 10 year old carpet which will be of no use in new house. Try to get a new one instead of shifting the old one. Try to book you removal company few days advance, don’t postpone it for the final day.

Foundation repairing has a wide range, the average cost of a home foundation repair is around 3500$ but that is not it. You can get the foundation repairing done from different companies with different prices, the cost starts from around 1500$ to 15000$. Yes I know that there is a lot of difference between them but you can get it done according to your budget.

The cost of your foundation repairing depends on the situation of your house, that what type of repairing does it needs and how much of the stuff has to get repaired. People believe in spending a lot amount of money in their foundation repairing because they believe that one has to spend big amount of money to save a big investment and house is definitely a big investment and we have to make sure that our houses are safe and secure from ant types of problems.josh-kaiser-house-foundation

In the end of the day your foundation repair costs basically dependon your particular situation and also on the method and technique of repairing. If you think that spending so much amount on foundation repairing is not worth it then I must say that you are absolutely wrong because we should not risk our house for this amount of money because the house is worth almost 10 times of it, and we all know very well that if we ignore the foundation repairing problem we will get in a big trouble and it will cost us more than that. One needs to make sure that their house is safe and sound.

Do you know that if you will hire a Structural Engineer for your foundation repair he will cost you around 300$ to 1500$.

Your office space is the place that pretty much defines you. It will be the place that would set the tone running for your clients. Design a sloppy office and your prospective client wouldn’t even wait for the cup of coffee to arrive. Design it amicably and you may seal the deal before you even switch on the coffee pot. First impressions last for the longest time, so make sure you make the right ones by designing an office that speaks on behalf of you.

You are probably wondering how is designing a classy office even possible with limited budget. But before we even get to your pocket, let us define what a classy office is. More often than not, when it comes to designing office spaces, business owners usually look back to Don Corleone’s office. It is classy, traditional and so very impactful. But surely he was a fictional mafia don, with money to spare for luxuries like that. The good news is, you can also create a similar aura for a fraction of the money. The solution? Amish furniture.Home-office-9

If you have given up on your hope of finding classy and traditional desks and cabinets for your office but have come home after window shopping due to the pricy tags then Amish furniture is your ultimate solution.

Amish furniture is made from pure wood, is sturdy and is definitely within your budget. Whether you need to remodel your entire office or wish to replace a desk or purchase a cabinet for your books, Amish furnitureoffers office solutions for all. Whether you are a purist or a major fan of Godfather, your search for classy furniture is sure to come to an end with these rich and sturdy furniture designs that are budget friendly. So look no more and find the perfect piece of Amish furniturefor your office, right here.

If you are looking for a cheap and at the same time appropriate ways to get clean and pure water at your home then water filter pitcher is perfect for you. One should definitely own this if they do not have any other water filter system installed in their houses. If you are searching for a best water filter pitcher then here are few of them which we listed down for you;

  1. Brita Everyday Water Filter Pitcher:

This Water Filter Pitcher has a capacity of 10 cups. It produces such water which is free of chlorine or any other taste, ad it also does not have zinc, copper or mercury in it. You won’t believe but this filter can produce 40 gallons of clean and pure water. You do not have to change its filter after every next day it only requires to change after about 2 months, it also has an indicator sticker which helps you to know when it needs to change its filter.PUR-18-cup-water-filter-pitcher

  1. Mavea Water Filtration Pitcher:

It is a stylish pitcher which is available in different colors and styles you can choose one for yourself as per your own interest, and it also comes with high quality and it holds the capacity of 9 cups. Mavea is manufactured in Germany and it is made with high quality materials that are free of BPA.

  1. Zero Water Pitcher:

You won’t believe but it is of the same price as the PUR Pitcher. It makes sure that your water is clean and it filters all the impurities which are not healthy for us. This water pitcher is very handy and easy to use.

These are one of the best water pitcher filters, you might want to consider these for your house.


If you want to sell your bike for big bucks, then this is the place where you need to be at right now. Because, despite what other people may think, selling your bike for a good price is something possible and far easier than you think.Although, most people use the wrong approach, and this is what leads them to selling their bike for a bad price, however if you stay here and digest our advice, then this won’t happen to you – to the contrary – you will earn big bucks!

Inspect and Correct:

If you want to sell your bike for big bucks then you need to invest in it. You should inspect it, find where the issues are at and then correct them; it’s that simple. This is crucial because if you don’t know the actual state of your bike, then you will get lower-value offers for your bike. You need to stick to what’s important, and it’s checking your bike properly. And of course, you have to provide solutions to those issues as soon as possible.


Selling For Big Bucks:

This is exclusively for people in the UK. If you want to save yourself from waiting for offers or dealing with possible buyers, then you should give a look to we buy any bike. This is marketplace for people in the UK who want to sell their bikes for a good price in the shortest time possible – that’s it.

Apart of we buy any bike, you should check other alternatives which are available worldwide. A perfect example of such is Ebay and Craigslist, these two sites offer you the chance to expose your ad to thousands of people around the world, so it’s a smart and affordable way to sell your used bike.

Since the start of human history, shifting from one place to another place was never an easy task. Moving from one place to another while carrying luggage and women carrying children sometimes on their hips and other times on their backs was always a cumbersome process.

But with the passage of time, shifting became easy with the modern day invention of wheel. Invention of wheel and ways of transport had made the life quite easier to transfer from one place to another place. Now various removal companies offers you economical cost of removals.

There are various cheap moving companies in Bournemouth are offering inclusive services to its customers. They come and get everything pack according to your desired arrangements, load them personally and then shift them to your desired location where they unload, unpack and again arrange according to your assent.


Cheap moving companies abc removals located at 122 lford Ln, Park and sons located at 731 christchurch road, 1st choice removal Dorset located at Unit 1 Canford Business Park Magna Road Dorset, South coast removals, Dave’s Removals located at 12 Brockenhurst road, Britannia Leatherbarrows located at C3 Cirrus Court Aviation Park West, Acron removals located at 2 carrbridge close, Carlin Brown Removals located at Waterloo Chambers, Fir Vale Rd, Wort and sons Removals located at Wharfdale Service Road, Bournemouth Man and Van located at 5 Wolverton Rd, white and Co located at Elliot Rd/West Howe IndEst, 1st choice Removals and storage located at Magna Rd, P & J Removals located at 25 The Broadway, Astra Piano Removal located at Bournemouth, Reynolds Removals, A1 Removals Christchurch Rd, Abacus Removals 103 Manor Farm Rd, Van about Town Bournemouth located at fourth floor post office Rd and Man and Van general services.

Are you looking for a reliable firm to do the designing process for your urban planning project? You need not look any further as The Planning Studio provides urban planning design services also. Whether you are planning a commercial project or a residential one, you will need to hire the services of a competent urban planning firm with design services to do the job for you.

Many a times, developers end up hiring a number of different firms for a number of different services. From planning to designing to landscaping, a number of experts are hired to aptly transfer your vision into a design. However, not every professional would be able to understand your vision or your requirements for your plan. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you rely on a firm that understands your ideas and puts them down to paper which would eventually lead to the culmination of your plan.1397584437.hxL4.wwd

Most urban planners are so engrossed in getting the process right, that designing eventually takes a back seat. Just because you want your plan to work out smoothly does not mean that design should be ignored. It is eventually the amalgamation of these two components that creates the most beautiful masterpieces eventually.

A good plan not only incorporates comfort and usability but also offers innovation. Urban planning is a crucial process for the successful development of any plan, but that does not mean that designing should be ignored. And many a times, hiring two different teams for urban planning and design services results on miscommunication of ideas. Not to forget hiring two different firms could be costlier too. Wouldn’t it be best to look for a firm that offers both the services under one roof? The good news is,The Planning Studio provides urban planning design services also. So you don’t need to look any further now.

Oxford is the village in the United States of Michigan. It occupies one square mile and is geographically a part of the township, the Oxford village is entirely within Oxford Charter Township. The village is known as the sister city to Oxford, England.

Are you in Oxford and need house cleaning services? Here are some house cleaning services in Oxford you can consider.

  • Reliable House Cleaners:

They are knownfor their friendly, quick and affordable house cleaning services. They provide all house cleaning projects, and they also provide deck cleaning, window cleaning and pressure cleaning too. All you have to do is to call them or just visit their website, you will get every detail from there and you can also setup an estimate. They promise to serve you with their best service.


  • Cleaning Authority:

You can find this place in Washington Street, Oxford. Cleaning Authority is known for their helpful and reliable services. The cleaners they sent are friendly, calm and very professional with their work. They make sure that the customer is happy with their work and the cleaning is done in a way that it looks brand new. You should definitely give them a thought if you need a house cleaning service in Oxford.


  • Local Cleaning Pros:

You know what is the best thing about this house cleaning service? They are open all week, yes now you can get your services at any time of the day. They provide their services 24/7. They are quick, reliable and affordable. They offer all types of house cleaning services, nothing is too big or too small for them. All you have to do is to pick a phone and call them to get your house cleaning services.
If you need to start cleaning a home in oxford MI then you should definitely consider them.

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If you want to have your own website, then you need a domain name. A domain name is the address people will type in their search bar in order to arrive to your website. But there are so many registers that finding the right one seems like a daunting task, but here this article will teach you how you can register your own domain at an incredible price and with a bullet-proof guarantee of protection and privacy.

We are talking about Namecheap.com, which is famous for giving a big namecheap discount when you buy with them. Namecheap.com is the kind of marketplace which is excellent because it offers excellent services at low prices, but they are better known for their service which allows you to gt your own domain name in pretty easy steps.domains1

They protect your privacy because they add a year free of domain whoisguard which is excellent if you want to stay away from spammers, because this little tool or add-on will allow you to protect your data from these persons. If you want to enjoy full privacy then namecheap will bring it for you.

Another reason on why you should go for namecheap upon the rest is because this marketplace allows you to buy your domain along with a hosting plan. So if you want to host it all at one single place, then you can do it at namecheap. As you can see there’s even the possibility of getting a bundle, so that you can administer your website at one single place, and this is excellent if you are not tech-savvy and prefer to manage it all from a same source.

This is all for now. It’s time for you to visit Namecheap, register your domain and start conquering the internet.

You don’t have to be downright eccentric to want to bring home some strange and wild. There is nothing exciting about white walls splashed with perfectly thought out colour palettes. Life is a lot more than that. It is about creating spaces that not only reflect your personality, but also things that make you happy. And that’s exactly what clients are demanding of their home decorators. To design spaces that represent you rather than their own ideals of perfectly decorated show homes.

In most cases, your favourite spaces were your rooms, dens or tree houses when you were kids. Those were the times when you could post the posters of your favourite characters on your walls without the fear of breaking any décor rules! If only you could bring those times back without really compromising on elegance too. Unless you are living in a dorm room, certain rules still apply. And that is exactly where Doug Bloodworthart pieces play a crucial part.1623190-7

Many shops have Doug Bloodworth Art for Sale and it offers the perfect mixture of elegance and quirkiness. Where the perfectly painted artworks offer elegance, its objects teleport you back to your childhood. Whether it is the cover of a comic book with perfectly painted Oreo biscuits placed on top or the monopoly board painted in vibrant hues, Doug Bloodworth’s art is a clear reminder that you can absolutely have it your way.

Doug Bloodworth has mastered the art of photorealism without compromising on creativity. His artworks are not just a proof of his skills but also a reflection of his love for his childhood memories. And he is giving you a chance to relive your favourite memories too. Select from a wide range of his paintings or contact the artist yourself to commission a customized painting to bring your living space to life!

Choi Soo-young is a member of South Korean girls group known as ‘Girls Generation’ and an ex-member of Korean-Japanese duo Route θ. People call and know her as Soo-young but her nickname is Choi, She is a 26 year old girl who was born in South Korea on February 10th, 1990. She is the younger sister of Choi Soo-jin who is a musical theatre actress. On February 15th, 2016 Soo-young got her degree in Theatre and Film from the JeongShin Women’s Highschool. Nope, degree is not the only thing she got on her graduation ceremony she also received a Life Time Achieved Award. It was totally her day, she was achieving things back to back.

Soo-young officially started her singing career from 2005 when she first released her first song named “I Am”. She is not just a singer but a songwriter as well, she made her first contribution as a songwriter for Girls Generation’s third album.


Despite of being a singer and a songwriter she is also a very well-known actress. She has done a movie in 2008 named ‘Hello Schoolgirl’ and rather than that she has been acting on numerous drama series and she has also achieved back to back 2 awards of ‘Excellent Actress’ on one same drama series known as “The Spring Day of My Life” one in 2014 and the other one in 2015.

Now let’s talk something about her personal life as well. In August 2011, Sooyoung, Girls Generation member along with her younger sister were involved in a car crash while they were on their way to take a part in a Charity event. This accident left Soo-young hospitalized with a fracture tailbone and due to this she was unable to take part in Girl’s Generation concert in Taiwan. It almost took a month for Soo-young to recover from her injury, on September 26th, 2011 it was confirmed that Soo-young is now fine and can join Girl’s Generation in their activities.